Alternative Pain Management Resource Guide

The North Coast Resource Hub is now live. This valuable site has many local resources including Alternative Pain Management Therapies in Humboldt County.

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This guide is intended to increase awareness of alternative pain management therapies in Humboldt County. It is part of a “RX Safe Humboldt” initiative that aims to reduce problems associated with over use of opiate pain medications.

Inclusion in the guide is not an endorsement of any given therapy or practitioner.

This guide is not exhaustive.  If there is someone you think should be included, or if information has become outdated, please contact Lisa Green at 707.443.4563 ext. 14. Please verify with offices that insurance information is current and correct before being seen.

For an Opioids and Chronic Pain Brochure, please Click Here.

For the most current information on Partnership covered services, please View this PDF.

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